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Purchased 1/18-1/22

old navy mixed-gauge cardigan in burnt umber

old navy microfleece active jacket in purple iris

old navy sweetheart bootcut jeans

This past Saturday I went to the mall with a friend to support her shopping efforts. There are seriously few things I enjoy more than helping friends buy items to build a wardrobe they love. I wasn’t planning to swing by Old Navy, but we did at the last minute and found that they were giving an additional 50% off all clearance items. With a 10% off coupon (from taking a survey after my last visit), I ended up getting everything above for $16 and some change!  ‘Twas a great trip indeed.

kingsmart usb adapter for iPod shuffle (via amazon)

Although I love having the Spotify app on my iPhone to listen to while I work out, I realized that it’s a whole lot safer (phone-damage wise) to use my iPod shuffle while exercising. The only problem is that I lost the cord that came with it, rendering it completely useless. For little more than $1, I’m hoping this will be a much cheaper solution!

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Donated 1/17

Over the long weekend I went on a bit of a cleaning frenzy that involved our guest room/office, its closet, and a random bin of stuff that had been sitting under the chair in our bedroom since I moved in. Here’s (most of) what we donated to the local thrift store (that benefits our local PTA, instead of something like Salvation Army that’s anti-gay and anti-choice). It included magazine holders that inevitably seem to harbor more junk and random papers than actual magazines, storage bins and bags, an awkwardly-sized rolling suitcase, a few tote bags, some clothing, and a random ball that had been living behind the tv console in our living room. Natch.

We also have a separate, unpictured pile of things we’re trying to sell on Amazon and eBay. Mostly books, tv seasons on DVD, and old Vera Bradley bags, we’ve already made a nice little profit from things that were otherwise going collecting dust.

Through either means, it’s felt so good to get unused things out of the house! And, as an added bonus, our guest room is looking nicer and more organized than ever. Who wants to come visit?

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Practically Green

Have you all heard of the website Practically Green? I hadn’t either, until this past weekend, thanks to a Facebook post from Skin Deep: EWG’s Cosmetics Database page.

After spending far too much time playing around with it and have to say, it’s pretty neat.

The basic concept is that the website will serve as a LEED certification of sorts for people. You can go onto the site and take a quiz that will give you a ranking of how green you are on a scale of 1-10 based on your responses.

My initial score was a 6, but once I finished the quiz I could then go through and check off lots more things that I’ve done, eventually brining up my score level to this:

All of the four questions fall under one of four general topics (listed in the image above), but you can also earn additional badges for specific categories, like ‘Healthy Green Lunch.’

These are the badges I’ve earned so far:

While having my ‘green’ decisions validated in this way is nice, my favorite part about Practically Green is that, in answering their questions, you can create a personalized action plan based on things you’d like to do but haven’t yet. I often find myself reading about tips to live a greener and more sustainable life in magazines or online, but don’t have one central place to house them. Practically Green was filled with many things I’d been meaning to get around to, along with ideas that I’d never heard of or considered. There is also a function that allows you to enter other actions, which seems like a great solution to my aforementioned dilemma.

Here’s a peek at my action plan:

While some of them are things I can’t do anything about at present (i.e. replacing an impermeable walkway or driveway since we live in a townhouse), most are relatively easy fixes that I just need to make a commitment to do. I like that this action plan is there to serve as a reminder.

Practically Green also has a large social component, allowing you to connect your account directly with your Facebook or Twitter profile. Since I’m not the biggest fan of linking those types of accounts (I like to have more control over what’s posted on my timeline), I like that you’re still able to create an account without doing this. And for folks who want to turn going greener into a more social experience, this site definitely allows for that, too!

Since Practically Green is still in Beta testing, I’m excited to see how their site grows and evolves based on user feedback. In the meantime, I’m excited to continue using it to make better and more intentional decisions on a daily basis (and to hopefully reach level 10 some day!).


Purchased 1/2-1/17

a few underthings from the victoria’s secret semi-annual sale

{image from here}

josie maran magic marker lip and cheek stain in jitterbug (via sephora)

rei balance gym bag in midnight plum

I got the older version of this bag, which was on clearance over the holidays and now isn’t listed on their website. It fits all of my stuff to exercise before or after work perfectly and keeps me much more organized than the old tote I’d been using (which is now getting donated to our local thrift store). The version I got is made out of recycled plastic bottles- an awesome bonus- and I’m not sure why the new one isn’t. Bummer!

blank cards, two ink pads, five stamps, and a silver gel pen from michael’s

On a recent shopping trip with a friend, I looked through the clearance bins and found a bunch of plain white cards, plus cute stamps that I can use to customize them for a variety of occasions. Since I’m still catching up on holiday gratitude, I made the ones above this past weekend. With a 20% off coupon, I came home with enough supplies to make about 50 cards for $14!

this chest-pocket tee from old navy (LOVE the contrasting prints)

I also got a pink buffalo plaid button-down from there that I cannot find online anywhere, but trust me, it’s really cute. Perhaps I’ll post a photo of it sometime soon? Dreaming big here, folks.

anthropologie small square farmer’s market basket in blue

We had some store credit (plus a 15% off coupon to use up), so I picked up this container, which will be perfect for rinsing and storing farmers’ market finds come spring.

two anthropologie inside out bowls

We received four of these from a friend as a wedding gift (I’d admired them at her house a few months earlier!) and although the website only shows four different styles, the store had six, so I picked up the last two to complete our little collection. Since most of our dishes are very basic white, I love injecting some color with things these and our rainbow assortment of mini latte bowls. While at Anthro I also picked up a little birthday gift for a sweet friend. It was a great visit!

I was telling Kate recently that I’m really happy with and proud of the purchases I’ve made so far this year, since they were all thoughtful and intentional in nature. Sure, my mental list of things (particularly clothing items) I’d like to buy keeps growing, but I haven’t yet bit the trigger on many of those, since I don’t really need them at the moment. I’m hopeful that this will continue through the year!

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Purchased 12/25-1/1

madewell lineleader tunic sweater in dark tobacco

madewell autumn shade henley in rum raisin

madewell staccato stud earrings

 I took full advantage of some extra holiday $ and a few different sales during a holiday visit to NYC.

james perse t-shirt (similar to the overdyed heathered tee; via Marshall’s)

hue opaque tights in cinnamon (via Marshall’s)

 Thank you, Mom, for the gift card!

i-ecko i-slide cool orange tangle-free zipper earbuds (via Amazon)

My old headphones bit the dust and these look pretty cool, plus they’re made with an eco-friendly aluminum housing and have 100% recyclable cords.

innovez biodegradable hard case for iphone 4 (via Amazon)

 My current phone case doesn’t come over the edge of the screen, which has resulted in two cracked screens (an expensive fix). Hopefully this will be a sturdier solution, and the fact that it won’t take up space in a landfill is also exciting.

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New Year, Continued Intention

Source: via Hillary on Pinterest

This year’s resolution (I know, I’m forever the optimist) is fairly simple, and something that I’m continuing from the previous year: live life with intention.

I’ve tried to be more mindful with what I eat and purchase and how I spend my time, but I still have a long way to go. My resolution may be big (and a bit unwieldy), but I’ve broken it down into a few (read: 21) goals to make it more manageable.

Though I may talk about more of these later, one of my goals is to buy only items I truly love. Relatedly, another, inspired by Joslyn of Operation Simplicity, is to end the year with fewer belongings than I started.

To keep myself accountable, I’ll be periodically posting purchases I’ve made, as well as when I donate/gift/toss items. Here’s to a more intentional 2012!