Practically Green

Have you all heard of the website Practically Green? I hadn’t either, until this past weekend, thanks to a Facebook post from Skin Deep: EWG’s Cosmetics Database page.

After spending far too much time playing around with it and have to say, it’s pretty neat.

The basic concept is that the website will serve as a LEED certification of sorts for people. You can go onto the site and take a quiz that will give you a ranking of how green you are on a scale of 1-10 based on your responses.

My initial score was a 6, but once I finished the quiz I could then go through and check off lots more things that I’ve done, eventually brining up my score level to this:

All of the four questions fall under one of four general topics (listed in the image above), but you can also earn additional badges for specific categories, like ‘Healthy Green Lunch.’

These are the badges I’ve earned so far:

While having my ‘green’ decisions validated in this way is nice, my favorite part about Practically Green is that, in answering their questions, you can create a personalized action plan based on things you’d like to do but haven’t yet. I often find myself reading about tips to live a greener and more sustainable life in magazines or online, but don’t have one central place to house them. Practically Green was filled with many things I’d been meaning to get around to, along with ideas that I’d never heard of or considered. There is also a function that allows you to enter other actions, which seems like a great solution to my aforementioned dilemma.

Here’s a peek at my action plan:

While some of them are things I can’t do anything about at present (i.e. replacing an impermeable walkway or driveway since we live in a townhouse), most are relatively easy fixes that I just need to make a commitment to do. I like that this action plan is there to serve as a reminder.

Practically Green also has a large social component, allowing you to connect your account directly with your Facebook or Twitter profile. Since I’m not the biggest fan of linking those types of accounts (I like to have more control over what’s posted on my timeline), I like that you’re still able to create an account without doing this. And for folks who want to turn going greener into a more social experience, this site definitely allows for that, too!

Since Practically Green is still in Beta testing, I’m excited to see how their site grows and evolves based on user feedback. In the meantime, I’m excited to continue using it to make better and more intentional decisions on a daily basis (and to hopefully reach level 10 some day!).


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