Donated 1/17

Over the long weekend I went on a bit of a cleaning frenzy that involved our guest room/office, its closet, and a random bin of stuff that had been sitting under the chair in our bedroom since I moved in. Here’s (most of) what we donated to the local thrift store (that benefits our local PTA, instead of something like Salvation Army that’s anti-gay and anti-choice). It included magazine holders that inevitably seem to harbor more junk and random papers than actual magazines, storage bins and bags, an awkwardly-sized rolling suitcase, a few tote bags, some clothing, and a random ball that had been living behind the tv console in our living room. Natch.

We also have a separate, unpictured pile of things we’re trying to sell on Amazon and eBay. Mostly books, tv seasons on DVD, and old Vera Bradley bags, we’ve already made a nice little profit from things that were otherwise going collecting dust.

Through either means, it’s felt so good to get unused things out of the house! And, as an added bonus, our guest room is looking nicer and more organized than ever. Who wants to come visit?

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