Life Lately

sunday brunch, followed by a trip to the gym {while repping the pp!}

This past week started off great but ended up being a bit of a weird one. We had two sets of couple friends over for the second edition of our monthly brunch club. Challah french toast, bacon, and grapefruit. Om nom nom! Oh, and a great time catching up with friends, too. 🙂

sunday night fun, monday morning snow, sick day, daffodils

Sunday evening, it SNOWED!!! This may not be big news for folks in other parts of the country, but it’s the first snow we’ve seen all year. At the very least, we’ve been able to count on there being snow during our trip to see my family in Connecticut, but this year there was none to be seen. Even though it all melted the next day, it was fun while it lasted!

Much less fun while it lasted was whatever sickness I managed to pick up this past week. After a day and a half spend on the couch at home, sipping ginger ale and water and watching far too much ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (seriously, how good is that show?!), I was ready to get back to work, even if it meant going back before I felt 100%. Whoops!

working ‘from home’, a trip to the garden supply store

On Thursday I eased back on into the swing of things by working from home. Since the temperatures were well into the 70s, I spent part of the day working from a local coffee shop’s patio. Definitely a good decision! We rounded out the day with a trip to the garden supply store to pick up some new additions for our little front garden {three kinds of pansies, lettuce, spinach, and a green gem boxwood}.

garden update, a walk with kate, a patriotic shot

On Thursday we also took a nice walk during lunch and, after work, got the garden updated while Kate continued writing her dissertation (I can’t believe she’s turning it in in just two weeks!).

Friday was spent getting up nice and early to drive up to Franklin County (north of Raleigh) to do a training for work. I snapped this photo before we got started!

signs of spring, impending storms, a roasted dinner

I rounded out the week by doing some more work from home at a different coffee shop. As storms rolled in, I headed back home to cook up a random but delicious dinner: roasted sweet potatoes {with cumin, cinnamon, salt, and pepper} and Brussels sprouts and some chickenless chicken nuggets. A friend came over to catch up with us, and it was a perfectly low-key way to end the week.

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!


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