Weekly Planning: 3/25-3/31

Over the past few months, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to make and stick to a plan when it comes to eating well and exercising regularly. I often exercise at least four times a week, but have even gotten into a rut with that the past few weeks, where I’d rather do just about anything than go to the gym. While I’m usually good about planning what we cook and bring for lunches during the week, my meal planning often doesn’t extend much further, leaving us open to the temptation of going out to eat more than we should. I know that in weeks when I make a detailed meal plan we not only save money but also don’t waste the food we’ve already purchased.

To help hold myself accountable on both fronts, I’ve decided to start posting my meal and exercise plans for the week. For what it’s worth, the lunches and dinners are what both Kate and I eat (unless it says something about going out or to an event, in which case we may or may not be going together), but we usually do our own things for breakfasts and snacks. Since I work in a traditional office environment while she’s often closer to home or on campus, I feel the need to have a more detailed plan about what I’ll be bringing for snacks. Also, I didn’t include desserts, since recently Kate has tended to bake a batch of cookies for us to enjoy over the course of the week (yes, I’m spoiled!). Other times we’ll have a bit of chocolate or even go out for frozen yogurt.

Anyway, here’s what we’ll (hopefully) be eating this week!

As you can see, I’ll be at a conference for most of next weekend, so there’s some uncertainty with what I’ll be eating and if/when I’ll be able to exercise. I’m going to try to let this serve as my motivation to be as healthy as possible the rest of the week!

I’ll keep y’all posted with how well this works!

What about you? Do you make a plan at the start of the week for meals and/or exercise? Any motivational tips to share?

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