Life Lately

{some tulips i got to brighten up my desk; post-work drinks on a patio. hooray for the return of outdoor seating!; wiig-ing* it for a work event; wisteria in bloom. it smells heavenly!; spotted in carrboro; replenished fruit bowl; one of three orders of nachos we had last week. oops?; raspberry margarita with friends; cupcakes from our favorite store; rain over jordan lake on the way home; sunshine less than five minutes later; so psyched to be getting in some gym time; all dressed up for a fundraiser; nice healthy sunday breakfast; afternoon reads; dogwood blossoms; unc during a post-church stroll}

Last week was a bit of a wild ride! There were work events and meetings (including one for part of the day Saturday), plans with friends, squeezed-in exercise, and little dates with Kate. On top of a packed schedule came the news that we need to replace one of our cars a full two years earlier than we’d planned. This led to a trip to Greensboro late on Thursday to get in a few test drives before the dealership closed! It’s sort of hard to believe, but this will be the first major purchase we’ve made as a couple! We’re still weighing our options, but will hopefully have everything sorted out before the old car dies completely.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this on here (though I probably have in person if the topic of church has happened to arise), but Kate and I have started looking for a new church to join. We love, love, love the minister at our former church, but were never able to feel completely a part of the community for myriad reasons. We may end up back there in the future, but for now we’re exploring our options. So we’ve started church hopping! This weekend was our second go at visiting a new church, which is both nerve-wrecking and exciting. While neither we’ve visited seem to be ‘the one,’ it’s been a really positive activity for both of us. Plus, our visit yesterday left us right up on Franklin Street, which meant we got to partake in one of our favorite lunches {the spicy eggplant quesadilla from Cosmic Cantina} and take a bit of a walk.

I’m hoping that yesterday’s mellowness is a sign that this week will be much calmer than the last!

Has anyone else been feeling particularly busy? Any exciting plans for the week ahead?

*Wiig-ing: References Kristin Wiig’s wardrobe of blazers over dresses in ‘Bridesmaids.’ My friend Patty and I feel particularly fancy whenever we Wiig it.


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