Weekly Planning: 4/8-4/14

Perhaps not surprisingly, this past week didn’t go exactly as planned. With day trips to Wilmington and Charlotte for work and car-purchasing, respectively, things were even more crazy than usual. This weekend brought lots of fun meals and parties spent with friends and good food. A bit too much food, a lot too little exercise. Yadda, yadda. Here’s the plan to get things back on track this week. This awesome post by Cassie on her motivation is serving as a much-needed kick in the pants. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to lose weight when I first started was to be as healthy as possible during any future pregnancies and to be the active mom I’d like to be.

On a related note, daaang y’all. We made this mediterranean quinoa salad today to have for lunches this week. I insist that you make it as soon as possible! We quintupled the recipe and added a bag of spinach that we wilted, as well as a lot more broccoli, and it was fantastic. I’m so excited to have it all week long!

Here’s a (hopefully) more realistic exercise plan for the week! With a big work event on Thursday and lots to do between now and then, I’m hoping to get my zen on via yoga at least once (if not twice) to simultaneously stretch and chill the heck out.

Kate and I also have a plan to get back on track in a literal sense by keeping track of what we eat for the next seven days (Monday through Sunday). I’ll report back next week!

What about you? What does this week have in store for you on the fitness front?


One thought on “Weekly Planning: 4/8-4/14

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