Life Lately

{sunday night dinner of fish, sweet potato fries, and broccoli; a quick jaunt to wilmington for work, plus a view from the river walk; beautiful carolina blue sky; a favorite outfit from the week, sketchily photographed in my office building’s gym; strawberries growing; close-up tulip; dinner out with friends, followed by a book reading; the spread for this month’s book club (we discussed ‘the immortal life of henrietta lacks’ by rebecca skloot); azaleas in bloom; BUYING OUR NEW CAR!!!; a celebratory meal afterward; a quick trip to ikea while in charlotte; friday night date with my favorite gal, including dinner at red robin (veggie burger + bacon!), a trip to the bowling alley to play big buck hunter, and froyo afterward; new flowers and plants- ranunculus, pothos, spider plant, and bluebird; saturday brunch with wonderful friends; saturday evening birthday party for a friend, complete with lots of baby time and unpictured dancing; easter sunday brunch, followed by a wonderful easter egg hunt put on by the mrs. for the second year in a row; some afternoon time on the patio with my latest read (‘wild’ by cheryl strayed, about her solo hike on the pacific crest trail); a sample of this week’s lunch (mediterranean quinoa salad); and, back where we started, sunday dinner (same as last week’s, but with my favorite roasted brussels sprouts instead of broccoli)}

Last week was quite the whirlwind, but sort of in the best way possible. Work was productive and exciting, Kate and I made our first major purchase together, and we got to spend a whole heck of a lot of time with friends, which is always a treat. I’m so thankful for this little blog, too, because even when I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious, I can look back on my week in photos and see that there was so much good in it. Much more than anything that had me stressing. I keep trying to remind myself that I can do anything, but I cannot do everything. I want to be fit and healthy, an amazing wife, daughter, friend, and employee, have a thriving and fulfilling career, be involved in many volunteer activities, grow and cook my own food, blog frequently, read a ton, cultivate several hobbies, be extremely well-rested, and have ample down time. Clearly achieving all of this at any given time is impossible. I feel as though I’m continually re-learning how to say “no” to things and prioritize what is most important. All while simultaneously figuring out exactly what those priorities are in the first place. I mean, I’ve got the big ones figured out (health, marriage, family + friends), but what falls in place after those and in what order? Is this part of what it means to grow up? I’m thinking it just might be.

How was last week for you? Anything new, exciting, or particularly grown up? And, since I posted this a day later than I’d meant, how is this week shaping up so far?


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