Life Lately

{sunday driving with the mrs.; the top half of a favorite outfit; this week’s guilty pleasures- gossip girl and talenti salted caramel gelato;  a very yellow breakfast; a big bouquet of my favorite flowers (peonies), which are finally in season!; a bit of book club reading to round out a trip to the gym; a veg-tastic dinner; a mercifully large margarita}

Last Sunday I finally started to feel better in the early evening, so Kate and I decided to take a little country drive in the rain before running a few errands. We stopped at Fearrington Village (we got engaged at the inn there!) so she could pick up some coffee before continuing on. Somewhere around the Orange County (where we live)/Chatham County line, we came across what is basically our dream home (pictured above). It had a gorgeous front porch, pretty gardens, an awesome barn complete with a mural, and overlooked a pond. I’m sold! Sadly we aren’t looking for a house, nor was this one on the market, but it’s still fun to pretend, right?

This week was all about little indulgences: wearing work-appropriate outfits that felt like pyjamas, watching truly mindless television while eating insanely delicious gelato, making tasty (and actually pretty healthy) breakfasts, buying myself two bunches of my fave flowers, getting my sweat on, finally getting some pizza (I’d been craving some for ages!), and getting the most perfect cocktail. I mean, really, is there anything better than a good margarita?

Here’s to another great week ahead!


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