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Food for Thought

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Regardless of what happens today, Kate and I are still going to be married tomorrow. Writing hate and discrimination into our state’s constitution can’t change that. However, it can make it much more difficult for us to do things like secure health insurance, keep the other financially safe if one of us passed away, have both of us be the legal parents of our (future) children, or even visit the other in the hospital if something unexpected were to happen.

If you are a registered voter in North Carolina, I implore you to vote against Amendment One if you haven’t already. It sure would mean a lot to our family and to thousands of other folks across the state.

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Weekly Planning: 5/6-5/12

Hoo-ee, y’all, this past week was pretty much a train wreck when it came to staying on track. Remember how I said that I was going to come back from last weekend’s unhealthy eating? Well, let’s just be honest and say that didn’t happen. At all. No tracking of food and pretty much no attempt to eat healthfully. It wasn’t (and sort of still isn’t) all that pretty.

I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but I sometimes get to the point when I don’t even care that I’m not eating well, even though I know I should get back on track. Since this isn’t my first rodeo, I also know exactly what I need to do to get there. And yet it’s still so hard! I think it’s a combination of self-sabotage and laziness, with stress and a full scheduled tacked on for good measure. While this probably isn’t surprising to those that know me, I can also tend to be a very all-or-nothing person. When I’m being healthy, I’m sticking to a plan 110%, exercising, preparing my meals ahead of time, tracking everything I eat and drink, and only having the occasional indulgence. The second I make a major slip up, I start to wonder why I bother and end up exacerbating the situation by making more unhealthy decisions.

However, I also know that beating myself up does absolutely no good. So this is me, moving on and attempting to start the week with a clean slate. Even in just the past few days I noticed how crummy I was feeling, both physically and mentally, and that’s not something I want to stick around long term.

As it stands right now, I also still haven’t cooked what are going to be our lunches for the week, which makes sticking to our meal plan a whole heck of a lot bit more tricky. But Kate has lunch plans for the day and I’m going to pick up something healthy from Whole Foods on my way to work, so it should all be fine in the end.

Either way, here’s what we’ve got on track for the week. I’m hoping to at least cook tonight so that we’ll have healthy lunches through Thursday. With Kate’s parents coming into town next weekend for her graduation (!), I’m hoping to clean up my act for the next few days so that I can more fully enjoy myself while we go out to eat during their visit.

I also didn’t do a whole lot of exercising last week. Here’s how the week shook out:

  • Monday- 60 minutes of cardio
  • Friday- ~2 hours of mall walking
  • Saturday: 70 minutes of swimming (2,000 meters)

 And yes, I counted walking around the mall as exercise, considering that I was there for nearly four hours and wandered all over the place. Multiple friends have told me this is exercise and, given the fact that I’ve got little else to report, I’m going to take it!

The one thing I am super proud of is the swimming habit I’ve started to pick back up. In high school a friend and I joined a gym and would swim laps a few times a week. Since then, I’ve swum only sporadically while on vacations or when the pool where we live is open in the summer. I’ve always loved the water, though, and know that this is such a great form of exercise that I decided to give it another try. I’m going once a week for now but hopefully once our condo complex’s pool opens I’ll be able to go even more. In just the past three visits I’ve been able to work up to swimming over a mile. I feel like I still have to very much concentrate on my stroke and breathing, which makes the whole experience pretty zen, since there isn’t much room left for other thoughts. I’ve found myself feeling more zen afterward than I even get after some yoga classes!

Between our out of town visitors and some other evening events (both Wednesday and Thursday), my plan is to squeeze in workouts whenever possible! I’ll also have Friday off to spend time with my in-laws, so I’m hoping to get an extra workout in then while they catch up on sleep.

Do you have any encouraging words for getting back onto the wagon (or at least getting it back within your sights)? They’d be very much appreciated!