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Life Lately

{sunday brunch with friends- mexican shrimp cocktail + chilaquiles!; strawberries; azaleas; delicious salad with tempeh; more strawberries from the farmers’ market; healthy breakfast; bibb lettuce; our first csa box!; delicious bruschetta made by our friend p; wonderful times hiking with friends}

This week went by so quickly! It was filled with good eats, the arrival of our town’s first Wednesday farmers’ market, along with some truly delicious strawberries. Another arrival? Our first CSA box of the season (check out this website for CSAs in your area)! This is our third year using the same CSA and I’m so excited for all the great produce that’s in store over the coming weeks. Plus it’s always nice to see the immediate effect the arrival of CSA season has on lowering our weekly grocery bill. In this week’s box we received bok choy, kale, green garlic, radishes, and turnips. Most are going into our lunch stir fry and we already ate most of the radishes in yesterday’s salads.

Last Sunday we met up with some friends for a seriously delicious brunch. Afterward I did a bit of clearance rack shopping and then we had over my friend A from grad school who was back in town for work. It was so fabulous to see and catch up with her! Our weddings were right after each other’s in October, so we weren’t able to attend. It was great to swap stories and hear about how married life’s been going so far.

The rest of the week was kind of a blur, filled with work, food, exercise, couple time, and {not nearly enough} sleep. On Saturday we got up bright and early to head out to Hanging Rock State Park to meet up with friends to camp for the weekend. Unfortunately, impending storms cancelled our plans to stay overnight, but we were able to squeeze in not one but two hikes before heading back home. First {after spotting this Mini Cooper decked out with eyelashes. I guess it was important to the owner we knew it was a she?} we did the .6 mile (round trip) Lower Cascades hike, which took us down to a pretty waterfall area. Kate and I had our lunch at that point, since we’d gotten a much earlier start than our friends who had stayed the night before. After this little jaunt we were ready to tackle the Hanging Rock hike. It was steep but it was great! I had a great time hanging out with friends while getting my sweat on. And the views from the top made it completely worthwhile. A perfect way to recharge and take in some more of this beautiful state.

Having our overnight stay cancelled meant we got to have our friend P over for dinner, which she graciously cooked for us {as an aside, I’m pretty sure there are few things better than having someone else cook for you in your own home}. It was SO good. Bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and veggie sausage on the side. Definitely something for us to recreate as many times as possible this summer, especially since we’re currently growing both tomatoes and basil! We all caught up, chatted, and watched the movie “Sliding Doors.” A perfect low-key evening.

Sunday morning I woke up way earlier than necessary and decided to make the most of it with my first visit of the year to our gym’s pool. I swam 1,050 meters in 40 minutes and felt great. I came home to Kate cooking banana-walnut pancakes, which was equally awesome. We watched “CBS Sunday Morning” and then spent the morning listening to music and reading. Sadly, I started to feel super under the weather for the next few hours, so I spent most of the rest of the day curled up on the couch watching “Gossip Girl.” I rallied toward the end of the day to run a few errands and am hoping whatever threw me for a loop has long since passed!

Did you have any fun adventures last week? What’s in store for the week ahead?

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The National Parks: America’s Best Idea

yellowstone, america’s first national park

{photo by allan harris via flickr creative commons}

This past weekend I was {still} feeling a bit under the weather (thanks, allergies!), so I once again took to our Netflix instant queue. Since I finished the last of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ last week, I looked to see what else was there. I came across the multi-part Ken Burns documentary for PBS, The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.

I made it through the first few episodes (out of six total) and found it so fascinating! The first episode was particularly interesting, since we’re traveling out west this summer and I’m hoping to squeeze a stop at Yellowstone into our itinerary. Watching this documentary made me even more thankful for the efforts of conservationists like John Muir for their efforts to secure our nation’s natural beauty for generations to come.

I love the following quote from one of the episodes and think it sums up my own view of the National Parks nicely:

“National parks are an idea of generosity. Not just for our own species, but for all species.” -Terry Tempest Williams

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