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Food for Thought

Source: imgfave.com via Hillary on Pinterest

Regardless of what happens today, Kate and I are still going to be married tomorrow. Writing hate and discrimination into our state’s constitution can’t change that. However, it can make it much more difficult for us to do things like secure health insurance, keep the other financially safe if one of us passed away, have both of us be the legal parents of our (future) children, or even visit the other in the hospital if something unexpected were to happen.

If you are a registered voter in North Carolina, I implore you to vote against Amendment One if you haven’t already. It sure would mean a lot to our family and to thousands of other folks across the state.

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Food for Thought

Source: wanelo.com via Hillary on Pinterest

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Purchased: 3/3-4/9

honeybee gardens powdercolors stackable mineral colors eyeshadow in gypsy

target kimono cardigan; old navy fitted scoop-neck tees in citron and white; target wooden link necklace; old navy chevron crossover dolman sleeve dress

pink (!) simply vera skinny ankle jeans via kohl’s; target bikini bottoms; old navy one-shoulder swimsuit

{unpictured bamboo tank and tee, plus a pair of black exercise capris, all from t.j. maxx}

lc by lauren conrad boyfriend blazer via kohl’s {a truly awesome blazer}

old navy jersey maxi tank dress {also worn in the above photos, belted into a midi dress}

old navy perfect cardigan

old navy lounge cami {in white and black}

essie nailpolish in fiji via ulta

old navy chambray button-down {I snagged it from the clearance rack; sadly it’s no longer on the website}

old navy pocket tea-length swing skirt {I’m obsessed with this and wish they had them in more basic colors; I’d easily buy several more!}

Clearly March was a month of excess in more ways than one. I’m trying to get back on track this month by using only gift cards and a bit of money I’ve already set aside for some badly-needed new bras (TMI?). Hopefully my next ‘purchased’ post will be much more brief than this! Even though I’ll probably regret writing this later, I feel like there are only so many more things I can justify purchasing for my spring/summer wardrobe. At least that’s what I need to keep telling myself!

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Weekly Planning: 3/25-3/31

Over the past few months, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to make and stick to a plan when it comes to eating well and exercising regularly. I often exercise at least four times a week, but have even gotten into a rut with that the past few weeks, where I’d rather do just about anything than go to the gym. While I’m usually good about planning what we cook and bring for lunches during the week, my meal planning often doesn’t extend much further, leaving us open to the temptation of going out to eat more than we should. I know that in weeks when I make a detailed meal plan we not only save money but also don’t waste the food we’ve already purchased.

To help hold myself accountable on both fronts, I’ve decided to start posting my meal and exercise plans for the week. For what it’s worth, the lunches and dinners are what both Kate and I eat (unless it says something about going out or to an event, in which case we may or may not be going together), but we usually do our own things for breakfasts and snacks. Since I work in a traditional office environment while she’s often closer to home or on campus, I feel the need to have a more detailed plan about what I’ll be bringing for snacks. Also, I didn’t include desserts, since recently Kate has tended to bake a batch of cookies for us to enjoy over the course of the week (yes, I’m spoiled!). Other times we’ll have a bit of chocolate or even go out for frozen yogurt.

Anyway, here’s what we’ll (hopefully) be eating this week!

As you can see, I’ll be at a conference for most of next weekend, so there’s some uncertainty with what I’ll be eating and if/when I’ll be able to exercise. I’m going to try to let this serve as my motivation to be as healthy as possible the rest of the week!

I’ll keep y’all posted with how well this works!

What about you? Do you make a plan at the start of the week for meals and/or exercise? Any motivational tips to share?

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Purchased 2/6-3/2

honeybee gardens powdercolors stackable mineral color eyeshadow in satin sheets (via weaver street market)

six zinc placecards (via modern fossil, one of my very favorite shops)

You can write on them with chalk!

origins ginzing eye cream

I have seriously dark circles under my eyes, even when I get plenty of sleep. Folks have actually asked me if I’ve had a black eye when I wasn’t wearing concealer (thanks y’all!). We’ll see whether this will make a good addition to my skincare routine. Fingers crossed!

kiss my face hold up styling mousse / crystal body deodorant / tom’s of maine lavender bar soap (x2) / badger anti-bug shake & spray / avalon organics olive/grape seed hand & body lotion (x2) / yes to blueberries daily facial moisturizer spf 30 / organic wear jumbo lash mascara / desert essence tea tree dental floss / burt’s bees radiance multi-vitamin serum / badger spf 30 sunscreen (x2)

I made a mega order from drugstore.com to stock up on some of my favorite natural and organic toiletries. Clearly i’m thinking of summer with sunscreen and bug spray!

two dresses from lands’ end on clearance (here’s a link to the first one; the second is no longer online)

I went by my local Sear’s for pretty much the only reason I ever visit: to try on something from Lands’ End. While the recently-released, $90 dress I’d been coveting online sadly didn’t work in person, these two beauties from the clearance rack did! The top one is for a work event later this spring, and the bottom one is a shirtdress whose pattern makes me smile so. big. every time I see it! And getting both of them for 2/3 the price of the one I’d gone there to buy? Even better!

five wonderfully colorful pentel pens (via office supplies and more)

almay liquid eyeliner pen in black (via target)

I know, I know, not organic or sustainable, but I just reallllllly wanted to get some liquid eyeliner. The cat eye look is all the rage and stuff. This stuff has some ingredients that make me a bit queasy, but the overall score on the Skin Deep website is a 4, which is my personal threshold for personal care products I’ll use. Plus, it’s been really fun to play with!

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Purchased 1/23-2/5

two pairs of old navy straight-leg jeans (similar) in light + dark wash

I stopped by Old Navy after a weekend chock full o’ board meetings. A bit of retail therapy was in order, plus I had a $10 off coupon to use on a purchase of over $20. These puppies were on clearance for $10.99 each, so, combined with my coupon, I ended up paying $13 for two pairs of jeans ($6.50 each!). Awesome.

new balance 10 minimus road sneaker (via fleet feet)

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of high-intensity interval training, but was wearing my same old running sneakers. They are super cushioned, which is great for running, but not so much for keeping my balance during cross-training moves. I’ve only worn these New Balances around town for errands, but they are super lightweight and comfy. I’m thinking that they’re going to be a big improvement for my workouts, plus they’ll be great for the travels we have planned for this year!

beauty without cruelty eye makeup remover (via weaver street market)

So happy to have found makeup remover that’s natural available at a local store.

craft supplies from michael’s

I realized recently I haven’t been doing nearly as much crafting as I’d like, considering that I was once the arts and crafts director at a summer camp. So, I procured wooden beads and sueded cord to make some jewelry (mostly necklaces) and then a set of paint brushes, a book of watercolor paper, and a set of watercolors. Hopefully I’ll have time sometime soon to delve into these more deeply!

anne klein fully-lined trench coat (via nordstrom rack)

This jacket was definitely a bit of a splurge item (at $90), but I’ve always loved having a timeless trench coat. They’re perfect for pretty much every occasion and are easy to throw on. I’ve been lusting after the Burberry trench coats for ages, but at their $900+ price tag, owning one will pretty much never be in the cards for me. One of my favorite things about the Burberry version is that it had a full wool lining that could be removed during warmer weather and added back in when temps dip. While shopping at Nordstrom Rack (in search of a trench coat), I came across one from Anne Klein that was basically identical. I just couldn’t pass it up!

spanx reversible tights (via nordstrom rack)

I got my last pair of these 3+ years ago and they’re still going strong. Based on the wear and tear they get (as well as numerous trips through the washing machine), I’m pretty sure they’re indestructible. Definitely worth the $20 price tag!

sally hansen double duty base + top coat (via ulta)

I needed some new base/top coat and picked this up while we were out running errands. Luckily, it doesn’t score too badly on the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, but it definitely wasn’t the most mindful purchase.

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Purchased 1/18-1/22

old navy mixed-gauge cardigan in burnt umber

old navy microfleece active jacket in purple iris

old navy sweetheart bootcut jeans

This past Saturday I went to the mall with a friend to support her shopping efforts. There are seriously few things I enjoy more than helping friends buy items to build a wardrobe they love. I wasn’t planning to swing by Old Navy, but we did at the last minute and found that they were giving an additional 50% off all clearance items. With a 10% off coupon (from taking a survey after my last visit), I ended up getting everything above for $16 and some change!  ‘Twas a great trip indeed.

kingsmart usb adapter for iPod shuffle (via amazon)

Although I love having the Spotify app on my iPhone to listen to while I work out, I realized that it’s a whole lot safer (phone-damage wise) to use my iPod shuffle while exercising. The only problem is that I lost the cord that came with it, rendering it completely useless. For little more than $1, I’m hoping this will be a much cheaper solution!

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Donated 1/17

Over the long weekend I went on a bit of a cleaning frenzy that involved our guest room/office, its closet, and a random bin of stuff that had been sitting under the chair in our bedroom since I moved in. Here’s (most of) what we donated to the local thrift store (that benefits our local PTA, instead of something like Salvation Army that’s anti-gay and anti-choice). It included magazine holders that inevitably seem to harbor more junk and random papers than actual magazines, storage bins and bags, an awkwardly-sized rolling suitcase, a few tote bags, some clothing, and a random ball that had been living behind the tv console in our living room. Natch.

We also have a separate, unpictured pile of things we’re trying to sell on Amazon and eBay. Mostly books, tv seasons on DVD, and old Vera Bradley bags, we’ve already made a nice little profit from things that were otherwise going collecting dust.

Through either means, it’s felt so good to get unused things out of the house! And, as an added bonus, our guest room is looking nicer and more organized than ever. Who wants to come visit?

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Purchased 1/2-1/17

a few underthings from the victoria’s secret semi-annual sale

{image from here}

josie maran magic marker lip and cheek stain in jitterbug (via sephora)

rei balance gym bag in midnight plum

I got the older version of this bag, which was on clearance over the holidays and now isn’t listed on their website. It fits all of my stuff to exercise before or after work perfectly and keeps me much more organized than the old tote I’d been using (which is now getting donated to our local thrift store). The version I got is made out of recycled plastic bottles- an awesome bonus- and I’m not sure why the new one isn’t. Bummer!

blank cards, two ink pads, five stamps, and a silver gel pen from michael’s

On a recent shopping trip with a friend, I looked through the clearance bins and found a bunch of plain white cards, plus cute stamps that I can use to customize them for a variety of occasions. Since I’m still catching up on holiday gratitude, I made the ones above this past weekend. With a 20% off coupon, I came home with enough supplies to make about 50 cards for $14!

this chest-pocket tee from old navy (LOVE the contrasting prints)

I also got a pink buffalo plaid button-down from there that I cannot find online anywhere, but trust me, it’s really cute. Perhaps I’ll post a photo of it sometime soon? Dreaming big here, folks.

anthropologie small square farmer’s market basket in blue

We had some store credit (plus a 15% off coupon to use up), so I picked up this container, which will be perfect for rinsing and storing farmers’ market finds come spring.

two anthropologie inside out bowls

We received four of these from a friend as a wedding gift (I’d admired them at her house a few months earlier!) and although the website only shows four different styles, the store had six, so I picked up the last two to complete our little collection. Since most of our dishes are very basic white, I love injecting some color with things these and our rainbow assortment of mini latte bowls. While at Anthro I also picked up a little birthday gift for a sweet friend. It was a great visit!

I was telling Kate recently that I’m really happy with and proud of the purchases I’ve made so far this year, since they were all thoughtful and intentional in nature. Sure, my mental list of things (particularly clothing items) I’d like to buy keeps growing, but I haven’t yet bit the trigger on many of those, since I don’t really need them at the moment. I’m hopeful that this will continue through the year!

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