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The National Parks: America’s Best Idea

yellowstone, america’s first national park

{photo by allan harris via flickr creative commons}

This past weekend I was {still} feeling a bit under the weather (thanks, allergies!), so I once again took to our Netflix instant queue. Since I finished the last of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ last week, I looked to see what else was there. I came across the multi-part Ken Burns documentary for PBS, The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.

I made it through the first few episodes (out of six total) and found it so fascinating! The first episode was particularly interesting, since we’re traveling out west this summer and I’m hoping to squeeze a stop at Yellowstone into our itinerary. Watching this documentary made me even more thankful for the efforts of conservationists like John Muir for their efforts to secure our nation’s natural beauty for generations to come.

I love the following quote from one of the episodes and think it sums up my own view of the National Parks nicely:

“National parks are an idea of generosity. Not just for our own species, but for all species.” -Terry Tempest Williams

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