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Weekly Planning: 5/6-5/12

Hoo-ee, y’all, this past week was pretty much a train wreck when it came to staying on track. Remember how I said that I was going to come back from last weekend’s unhealthy eating? Well, let’s just be honest and say that didn’t happen. At all. No tracking of food and pretty much no attempt to eat healthfully. It wasn’t (and sort of still isn’t) all that pretty.

I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but I sometimes get to the point when I don’t even care that I’m not eating well, even though I know I should get back on track. Since this isn’t my first rodeo, I also know exactly what I need to do to get there. And yet it’s still so hard! I think it’s a combination of self-sabotage and laziness, with stress and a full scheduled tacked on for good measure. While this probably isn’t surprising to those that know me, I can also tend to be a very all-or-nothing person. When I’m being healthy, I’m sticking to a plan 110%, exercising, preparing my meals ahead of time, tracking everything I eat and drink, and only having the occasional indulgence. The second I make a major slip up, I start to wonder why I bother and end up exacerbating the situation by making more unhealthy decisions.

However, I also know that beating myself up does absolutely no good. So this is me, moving on and attempting to start the week with a clean slate. Even in just the past few days I noticed how crummy I was feeling, both physically and mentally, and that’s not something I want to stick around long term.

As it stands right now, I also still haven’t cooked what are going to be our lunches for the week, which makes sticking to our meal plan a whole heck of a lot bit more tricky. But Kate has lunch plans for the day and I’m going to pick up something healthy from Whole Foods on my way to work, so it should all be fine in the end.

Either way, here’s what we’ve got on track for the week. I’m hoping to at least cook tonight so that we’ll have healthy lunches through Thursday. With Kate’s parents coming into town next weekend for her graduation (!), I’m hoping to clean up my act for the next few days so that I can more fully enjoy myself while we go out to eat during their visit.

I also didn’t do a whole lot of exercising last week. Here’s how the week shook out:

  • Monday- 60 minutes of cardio
  • Friday- ~2 hours of mall walking
  • Saturday: 70 minutes of swimming (2,000 meters)

 And yes, I counted walking around the mall as exercise, considering that I was there for nearly four hours and wandered all over the place. Multiple friends have told me this is exercise and, given the fact that I’ve got little else to report, I’m going to take it!

The one thing I am super proud of is the swimming habit I’ve started to pick back up. In high school a friend and I joined a gym and would swim laps a few times a week. Since then, I’ve swum only sporadically while on vacations or when the pool where we live is open in the summer. I’ve always loved the water, though, and know that this is such a great form of exercise that I decided to give it another try. I’m going once a week for now but hopefully once our condo complex’s pool opens I’ll be able to go even more. In just the past three visits I’ve been able to work up to swimming over a mile. I feel like I still have to very much concentrate on my stroke and breathing, which makes the whole experience pretty zen, since there isn’t much room left for other thoughts. I’ve found myself feeling more zen afterward than I even get after some yoga classes!

Between our out of town visitors and some other evening events (both Wednesday and Thursday), my plan is to squeeze in workouts whenever possible! I’ll also have Friday off to spend time with my in-laws, so I’m hoping to get an extra workout in then while they catch up on sleep.

Do you have any encouraging words for getting back onto the wagon (or at least getting it back within your sights)? They’d be very much appreciated!


Weekly Planning: 4/29-5/5

Happy Sunday!

I feel like I say this all the time, but this week really did fly by. Eating went really well until Friday night, when take-out Mexican sounded better than a salad. Weird, huh? And then yesterday we followed up an event I had for work with a trip to my favorite Raleigh restaurant for margaritas, fried appetizers, and BLTs (at least we split a meal, right?). I didn’t track those meals, either, but I’m back on track this morning with a healthy smoothie and the MyFitnessPal website up in my browser. Here’s to a fresh start this week!

Since I didn’t take any photos (sorry!), here’s a run-down of what was in this week’s CSA box:

  • 1 pint strawberries
  • 1/4 pound arugula
  • 1/4 pound lettuce mix
  • 1 bunch kale
  • 1 bunch cilantro
  • 1 bunch scallions
  • 1 bunch green garlic

To use up the majority of this, we’ll have some big salads for several meals, and then I’ll probably sautee up most of the rest of the veggies to have on my egg sandwiches in the mornings. Waste not, want not!

Even though we’re getting a whole bunch of produce on a weekly basis, we still needed to do a massive trip to the co-op grocery store this past week to replenish all sorts of basics. While they tend to be over-priced on lots of packaged items, they have great deals in the bulk bin section, so we try to keep our pantry well-stocked. We spent a good chunk of this month’s budget on things like dried beans, brown rice, quinoa, steel cut oats, and olive oil. Since I did a clean-out and reorganization of our kitchen cabinets this week, I’ll post about that separately to show how we store it all.

Aaaanyway, here’s what we’ve got planned for this week:

Unsurprisingly, we’ve got another busy week coming up, so I’m going to spend time later today doing glamorous things like prepping servings of carrots + hummus, chopping cantaloupe, and making Mama Pea’s black bean burgers for lunches this week, per a request from the Mrs.

On the exercise front, last week went pretty dang well even though, as usual, I deviated pretty far from the original plan. No worries, though! Thursday I was struck by a cleaning bug and spent my lunch break (working from home) and most of the evening cleaning, organizing, and rounding up items to donate to the thrift store. Lots of heavy lifting involved!

Here’s how the week went down:

  • Sunday: Swimming, 40 minutes
  • Monday: Sprint/walk intervals, recumbent bike
  • Tuesday: Walking on incline, elliptical, recumbent bike
  • Wednesday: BodyPump (on my own)
  • Thursday: Cleaning
  • Friday: Rest day
  • Saturday: Swimming, 65 minutes

I went swimming for the first time this year and enjoyed it so much that I went again yesterday! I managed to go even further, swimming just over a mile, which made me pretty proud of myself. I’m hoping to swim at least once a week until I get sick of it, haha.

Here’s the plan for this week, which is all about squeezing in exercise whenever possible:

I’d been doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) several times a week earlier this year and got totally burned out on it. Since I haven’t been able to make it to BodyPump class the past few weeks, I’ve been craving some more weight lifting and strength training in my life, so this is the perfect way to get it in. Plus I sort of love just going to the gym and playing around on different equipment to improvise a workout. We’ll see how it goes!

What about y’all? Making anything exciting for meals this week? Any fun exercise ideas I should know about?


Weekly Planning: 4/22-4/28

This past week was seriously so good in terms of staying on track. I worked from home for most of the week (hooray, grant applications!), which made it so easy to eat healthfully. For some reason, I get much snackier at work than when I’m at home, so it was great to automatically be a bit less tempted. Kate and I also did really well about not eating out too much, which was helpful to our wallets and our health (not that all restaurant food is bad for you, just what we tend to prefer!).

Hoping that I can keep it up during the craziness that this week is sure to bring!

Here’s how exercise went last week:

  • Sunday: Walk + yoga (at home)
  • Monday: Walk + yoga (at home)
  • Tuesday: A shortened, at home BodyPump
  • Wednesday: 20 minute walk
  • Thursday: Rest day
  • Friday: Sprint/walk intervals + upper body weights
  • Saturday: 90 minute hike with friends

 A little bit more low-key than I’d initially planned, but I kept moving and amped it up over the weekend. And it feels good! I’m hoping to keep my motivation up on this front through the week as well.

What have you been up to? What’s your plan look like for the week ahead?


Weekly Planning: 4/15-4/21

In last week’s post, I talked about needing to get back on track and this past week I did just that, in kind of a big way. I tracked everything I ate thanks to the wonderful and magical MyFitnessPal iPhone app, did all of my planned exercising and then some, and, for the most part, ate really well.

Here are the workouts I ended up doing:

  • Sunday- One hour walk
  • Monday- 40 min. walk + 20 min. on the recumbent bike
  • Tuesday- 35 min. walk, 13 min. on the recumbent bike, + a bit of yoga stretching
  • Wednesday- BodyPump class followed directly by (most of) a BodyCombat class {I don’t recommend doing this the day before a big work function when you’ll be running all over the place}
  • Thursday- 3o min. walk
  • Friday- Yoga class
  • Saturday- 80 min. hike/walk


My muscles are wonderfully sore and I’ve just felt so much better about myself and the world around me since I’ve been exercising regularly. It’s also been fun to do things I haven’t done in awhile, like go to yoga, take a BodyCombat class (it’s like cardio kickboxing; I’m still not sure how I feel about it), and go for a hike.

On the food front, the beginning of the week was amazing in terms of sticking to healthful options with a few treats mixed in. As we got toward the end of the week, which was filled with fun outings and unhealthy options, I indulged a bit more than I should have, so today’s the day to reign it back in and get on track for the week ahead!

Speaking of, here’s what I’ve got planned for our meals:

As you can see, we’ve got some camping planned for next weekend (I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the currently-forecasted rain doesn’t end up materializing), so my goal is to be really healthy until we leave for that adventure.

And here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish on the exercise front:

Now I just need to keep my eyes on the prize and stay motivated! Encouragement is always appreciated. 🙂

What are your plans to be healthier this week? Any new and fun exercise classes or workouts on the horizon?


Weekly Planning: 4/8-4/14

Perhaps not surprisingly, this past week didn’t go exactly as planned. With day trips to Wilmington and Charlotte for work and car-purchasing, respectively, things were even more crazy than usual. This weekend brought lots of fun meals and parties spent with friends and good food. A bit too much food, a lot too little exercise. Yadda, yadda. Here’s the plan to get things back on track this week. This awesome post by Cassie on her motivation is serving as a much-needed kick in the pants. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to lose weight when I first started was to be as healthy as possible during any future pregnancies and to be the active mom I’d like to be.

On a related note, daaang y’all. We made this mediterranean quinoa salad today to have for lunches this week. I insist that you make it as soon as possible! We quintupled the recipe and added a bag of spinach that we wilted, as well as a lot more broccoli, and it was fantastic. I’m so excited to have it all week long!

Here’s a (hopefully) more realistic exercise plan for the week! With a big work event on Thursday and lots to do between now and then, I’m hoping to get my zen on via yoga at least once (if not twice) to simultaneously stretch and chill the heck out.

Kate and I also have a plan to get back on track in a literal sense by keeping track of what we eat for the next seven days (Monday through Sunday). I’ll report back next week!

What about you? What does this week have in store for you on the fitness front?


Weekly Planning: 4/1-4/7

Although I didn’t stick to last week’s plan 100%, or even close to it, it was so helpful to have a basic outline of what I should eat. There were so many times throughout the week where I wasn’t sure what to have for a meal or snack and was able to easily consult the meal plan to make a healthier, well-planned decision. It also helped decrease the amount of food we wasted, since everything we purchased had a clear plan and purpose. Win-win in my book. I’m hoping I’ll be able to stick to it even better this week!

Exercise last week was a different story. Suffice it to say that I didn’t stick to the plan. At all. Hanging out with a friend and her adorable baby, as well as just sitting on the couch after a long day, seemed way more preferable to exercising on most days. I still made it out for a long walk with Kate and went to BodyPump, but that was about it, aside from some shorter walking breaks during the day. Hopefully I’ll stick to this week’s plan more fully. Unfortunately I didn’t do a walk on Sunday so we’ll chalk that up to a carry-over of last week’s laziness and get it together for the rest of the week ahead. Either way I’ll keep you posted!


Weekly Planning: 3/25-3/31

Over the past few months, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to make and stick to a plan when it comes to eating well and exercising regularly. I often exercise at least four times a week, but have even gotten into a rut with that the past few weeks, where I’d rather do just about anything than go to the gym. While I’m usually good about planning what we cook and bring for lunches during the week, my meal planning often doesn’t extend much further, leaving us open to the temptation of going out to eat more than we should. I know that in weeks when I make a detailed meal plan we not only save money but also don’t waste the food we’ve already purchased.

To help hold myself accountable on both fronts, I’ve decided to start posting my meal and exercise plans for the week. For what it’s worth, the lunches and dinners are what both Kate and I eat (unless it says something about going out or to an event, in which case we may or may not be going together), but we usually do our own things for breakfasts and snacks. Since I work in a traditional office environment while she’s often closer to home or on campus, I feel the need to have a more detailed plan about what I’ll be bringing for snacks. Also, I didn’t include desserts, since recently Kate has tended to bake a batch of cookies for us to enjoy over the course of the week (yes, I’m spoiled!). Other times we’ll have a bit of chocolate or even go out for frozen yogurt.

Anyway, here’s what we’ll (hopefully) be eating this week!

As you can see, I’ll be at a conference for most of next weekend, so there’s some uncertainty with what I’ll be eating and if/when I’ll be able to exercise. I’m going to try to let this serve as my motivation to be as healthy as possible the rest of the week!

I’ll keep y’all posted with how well this works!

What about you? Do you make a plan at the start of the week for meals and/or exercise? Any motivational tips to share?

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